About Newtown Osteo

Empowering you to move better

At Newtown Osteo, we heartily believe in providing the greatest level of healthcare involving hands-on treatment, professional advice and education on returning to health.

Being the change in your healthcare

We empower you

Recovering from pain and returning to your best means working with a practitioner who builds your confidence.

We keep things simple

We want you to understand the recovery process every step of the way. We use simple and effective strategies.

We give you a clear plan

It’s essential to give you milestones to hit so you can see how far you’ve come and what to do next.

We challenge you

You may have some preconceived ideas about what you can and can’t do. We’re here to see what your true potential is.

We listen to you

Understanding your needs means listening to you, so that’s exactly what we do as we create a tailored treatment plan.

We respect you

Ultimately, you’re in charge of your health. We’ll put all ideas on the table for you to have the final say. 

Bachelor of Science, Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

Nick Balic - Osteopath (BSc. M.H.Sc)

Dr Nick Balic (Osteopath) enjoys treating a wide range of conditions, with a special interest in sports injury diagnosis and rehabilitation.

He gets his drive from seeing people overcome the hurdles of pain and physical dysfunction. 

If you’ve reached the point where your pain can no longer be ignored, Nick’s passion is getting you back to doing what you love. 

He provides a firm, structural approach to treatment, including soft tissue, articulatory and manipulative techniques.

Nick is also qualified in dry needling and cupping.